Cash Flow Creation

Have you already watched my videos on the videos page? If not, I highly recommend you do so now for an immediate sneak peek on cash flow creation.

Multi-Market Investment Strategies

Diversity is the key to safe, effective and successful investing. To manage risk, the act of adding non-correlating investments to one's portfolio increase the likelihood of making a profit.

Our access to a diverse market of public and private investments not only reduce market volatility, but provide a broad range of investments that do not correlate with each other. When a certain segment of the market may decrease in value (ie real estate) another market may be doing well (ie- oil and gas). It is important to have non-correlating and diverse market segments in your portfolio. Lauzon Financial has the unique ability to create investment strategies for our clients that encompass all types of markets.

Debt Reduction

Every year, thousands of Canadians find themselves teetering on the brink of personal financial ruin; a situation that can lead to sleepless nights, ulcers and extreme mental stress. But as bad as the stress associated with debt may become, the majority of people are often unwilling to face up to the responsibility of straightening out their debt problems.

This is not because taking positive steps toward resolving a debt crisis involves a considerable amount of effort. It requires not just a sound financial plan, but a change in perspective. You must begin to think and act in an entirely new way.

For many people facing a personal debt crisis, practical solutions seem few and far between. It may seem like the only alternative you have is to declare bankruptcy. While this may indeed be the only option for so me people, it is not the only one for the majority. There are a number of options you should explore before going to this extreme.

If you are facing a debt load that you do not think you can realistically carry, contacting a credit counselling service is probably the first step you will need to take. Most services operate as non-profit organizations offering free initial consultations. After the first meeting, you may be expected to pay a nominal fee based on what you can afford.

Credit counsellors will probably recommend one of a number of different approaches to resolve your debt crisis. They may suggest that you attempt to begin a debt repayment program, which is meant for people who are unable to afford their regular monthly payments. The counsellor will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf in an attempt to have your payments reduced to a level you can afford. Because counsellors have invested time in building a reputation within the financial industries, they have a much better chance than you do of winning your creditors' confidence. If agreements can be reached, you will pay your counsellor a lump sum each month, which will then be disbursed to your creditors. This plan requires that you are able to pay enough money each month to have your debts cleared within four years.

Counsellors may also act as mediators in helping you to reach a suitable repayment plan with your creditors. Debtors, under this plan, will make their payments directly to the creditor. The counselling agency will only be involved on a short-term basis.

Credit counselling services also offer various workshops that can help you create a personal budget that falls in line with what you can afford. Counsellors can also assist you in setting up a personal plan to put you on the right track, and keep you out of debt in the future.

In some cases, bankruptcy may truly be the only option left, but those cases are rarer than you might think. Before committing yourself to such an extreme course of action, make sure you have investigated every other option. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit record for seven years. Even when it is removed from your record, you will still be faced with the problem of starting a credit rating from scratch.
How can Lauzon Financial Advisors Inc. help?

  • Provide counselling
  • Restructure your debt
  • Design debt repayment plan
  • Referral through our network partnered professionals
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Wealth accumulation planning

Financial Planning

   Personal Planning

Most of us don't appreciate the planning or vast amount of thought one could spend on their personal financial planning goals. Below is a list of several topics you should be sure to discuss with your financial advisor.

  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre & Post Retirement Planning
  • Mortgage Funding
  • Debt Management
  • Wealth Management
  • High Yield Savings Accounts
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparations
"After years of 'managing' our financial affairs, strained cash flow and grey retirement prospects, we met Paul Lauzon. He was approachable, understanding and considerate - never too busy to listen. Paul's suggestions have fine tuned our current financial activities and we now can expect a secure retirement.

Thank you Paul!"
George & Helen, Oct. 2006
We will be able to give you the advice and options you need to make the right decisions for your financial future.

Estate and Retirement Planning

At a certain point in your life, you will probably have a shift in thoughts from the day-to-day financial matters, to those of retirement. Increasing life expectancy means that you may live for decades beyond your retirement from your work, and careful planning will help create a retirement that will truly be golden. Building a solid plan is critical to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

Estate planning is a process of ensuring that your goals are achieved both during your lifetime and after your passing. We can help properly structure an estate plan that can reduce the taxes and expenses to your estate, simplify the transition of assets to your beneficiaries and help protect you and your loved ones.

How we can help:

  • Create your retirement estate plan
  • Wills and transference of your estate
  • Taxes and Probate
  • Insurance
  • Powers of Attorney and Executor
  • Trusts

Life & Travel Insurances

There are hundreds of reasons why a person should consider various Life & Travel Insurances. Below we've identified the major categories:

  • Personal Insurance Plans
  • Income Replacement. Pays an income if you are suddenly able to work.
  • Final Estate Funding & Preservation . Takes care of all final expenses and and taxes upon death.
  • Business Life Insurance. All business insurance needs from group and executive plans to business succession.
  • Group Retirement Plans. Pension plans, group RSP's, etc.
  • Education Funding. Provides for a child's education.
  • Family Insurance. Affordable coverage for the entire family for various personal needs.
  • Critical Care & Illness. Provides a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness to cover debts or provide better treatment.
  • Special Issue non-medical. For those who medically cannot qualify for insurance but still require it.
  • Out of Country Medical Insurance. Pays the cost of emergency medical coverage while out of country.

Business Insurance

Insurance can provide invaluable benefits to a business or business owners:
  • To fund tax liabilities triggered by the passing of an owner.
  • To provide revenue to replace those that were normally generated by a key employee, if that employee passes or becomes disabled.
  • To provide salary continuation for a disabled employee, or survivor benefits.
  • To cover ongoing business expenses.
To protect a business from loss of value or bankruptcy if a key partner or employee passes or becomes disabled. Insurance proceeds can be used to pay off debts, hire replacement employees or buy-out the interest of the partner who has passed or become disabled.

BUY-SELL Insurance:
This insurance facilitates the terms of a partnership or buy-sell agreement in the event of the death or disability of a parther. It can provide a buy-out for a partner's spouse. Each partner may hold a policy on their respective partners (cross-purchase arrangement), or , the business may hold a 'share-redemption' policy.

KEY PERSON Insurance:
A business could buy key person life insurance to protect against loss should a person vitally important to the company pass.

Insurance to cover the loss of a key employee to disability. Can provide a lump sum payout, periodic payments or both.

Provides funds to buy out the interest of an owner that can no longer participate in the business due to disability.

Provides funds to pay for specific expenses tied to the business, such as rent, taxes, employee salaries and utility bills, should the owner or insured employee suffer a disability.


An account that allows a business to pay for all eligible medical expenses of the business owner, employees and their families on a tax-free basis. This account can be used in conjunction with a group health insurance plan. It is a flexible plan that allows health care dollars to be used as a an employee or owner desires.

Succession Planning

A business succession plan is an important element in maximizing your company's value when it comes time to step back from your business. This plan should consider some of the following:

Goals and objectives:
What is the vision of the business? What are your retirement goals?

Should family members help develop the plan? Are there conflict resolution mechanisms in place to resolve conflict between family members, partners or employees?

What competencies should your successor have, and what kind of training will they require?

Estate planning:
Do you have a financial plan and understand the subsequent tax implications of the transition?

Contingency planning:
Are there financial resources required in order to ensure the survival of your business in case of illness, accident and even death?

Corporate structure and transfer methods:
What are your options as a sole proprietor, a partner, or owner of a corporation? Do you want to transfer or sell the business to you successor?

Business valuation:
What is the fair market value of your business?

Exit strategy:
What is the timeline for easing your way out of the business?

It is a good idea to have key advisors such as accountants, lawyers and financial planners when developing your succession plan. Communication with your successor(s) is important in order that they understand their roles in the business and collaborate in the transition process.

We have close relationships with accountants and lawyers, and can help you with this transition process.

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